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a cup of joe

This reminds me of my very first experience with coffee many years ago…. enjoy, I recently reblogged a story on my page about a few new health benefits.

love blushes

last night I saw a film that takes place first in Stockholm and then in Finland. I’ve a soft spot for Finland. maybe you’ve seen me write here about the forests and silence…

In the film, Iris, brushes here teeth in the early morning outside on the porch, while watching the sun rise. Heaven. There’s something sweet about being able to meet nature first thing in the morning.

I love the ‘lightness of being’ that I find in Scandinavia; the light colours, the fashion, and fine minimalistic way of existing.

I’m not a coffee drinker, not really. But… one afternoon this past winter I ducked into a café here in nyc to get out of a snow storm and to warm up. There, it was crowded with a line of folks waiting to order a warm beverage. I had time to take in the menu, and found that it was an…

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Study: Drinking Coffee Can Help Prevent Eye Disease

The health benefits are starting to become obvious. One of the reasons I decided to get into the business of coffee.

CBS Atlanta

ATLANTA (CBS Atlanta) – Scientist say coffee has another positive health benefit.

A daily cup of coffee can help prevent deteriorating eyesight and possible blindness from retinal degeneration due to glaucoma, aging, and diabetes.

According to a study from Cornell University, raw coffee is just 1 percent caffeine on average, but it contains 7 to 9 percent chlorogenic acid. CLA is a strong antioxidant that prevents retinal degeneration in mice.

The retina is a layer at the back of the eyeball containing cells that are sensitive to light and that trigger never impulses that pass via the optic nerve to the brain, where a visual image is formed.

Researchers treated mice eyes with nitric oxide, which created oxidative stress and free radicals.  This treatment lead to retinal degenerations but mice pretreated with CLA developed no retinal damage.

“The study is important in understanding functional foods, that is, natural foods…

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Monday Morning Blues?

While I don’t condone drinking on the job or before work, I know some of you need that “nudge” on Mondays…

It’s called the Coffee Nudge

3/4 oz of crime de cocoa
3/4 oz of coffee liqueur
1/2 oz of brandy
6-8 oz of Coffee – from
1 1/2 oz of whipped creme!

Remember we don’t condone drinking on the job! So make it an afternoon treat if you have to! Get your coffee needs at BIG BROWNE CUP